[flos-freeware] Release Candidate 3: Notepad2 Version 4.1.24

  • From: Florian Balmer <florian.balmer@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: flos-freeware@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 7 Feb 2010 11:08:17 +0100

Dear subscribers of this newsletter,

The next "Release Candidate" of Notepad2 is available. Due to some
important new features, the minor revision number has been increased
in the meantime, that's why Notepad2 4.0.24-rc2 is followed by
Notepad2 4.1.24-rc3.

The /z command line switch (to support registry-based Notepad
replacement) now has the same effect as the - command line switch
(accept only a single non-quoted filename argument), to ensure best
compatibility when using Notepad2 as a Windows Notepad replacement.

Notepad2 now displays an indicator in the title bar if running with
elevated (administrator) privileges on Windows Vista and above.
Elevated instances will be isolated from instances running with
standard privileges regarding window reuse and single file instance
features. A new /u command line switch simplifies launching
Notepad2.exe with administrator rights (brings up the UAC prompt).

Error messages for file operation failures are now more informative,
they also display the operating system error message text.

Some changes to the syntax highlighting schemes include new HTML and
XML element text styles, improved utilization of default styles for
schemes embedded within HTML, and the possibility to change the size
of the visible white space dots. Moreover, word wrap settings have
been adapted to allow more control over visual indicator display.

Download from the Notepad2 website:


Best wishes,

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