[flos-freeware] Release Candidate 2: Notepad2 Version 3.1.21

  • From: Florian Balmer <florian.balmer@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: flos-freeware@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 23 Feb 2009 10:52:53 +0100

Dear subscribers of this newsletter,

Another "Release Candidate" (rc2) of Notepad2 version 3.1.21 has been
released. Some new features have slipped in:

Notepad2 now accepts multiple files from the command line. The primary
instance will act as a shell and simply launch new instances of
Notepad2 with the --n command line switch (always open a new window;
there may be support for other switches like --rs in the future). This
requires filenames containing spaces to be quoted. To open just a
single file without quoted spaces, as in previous versions of
Notepad2, the new --1 command line switch can be used. Examples:

  Notepad2.exe test sample instance
  (opens the files "test", "sample" and "instance")

  Notepad2.exe --1 test sample instance
  (opens the file "test sample instance")

With the new behaviour, multiple files can be dropped on Notepad2.exe
icons, or opened with Notepad2 if used from the "Send to" menu.

Another detail change also improves usage of Notepad2 from Windows
Explorer: the "Reuse Window" option now has a timeout, during which
Notepad2 windows are locked for reuse. This allows simultaneous
opening of multiple files even if the "Reuse Window" option is

There's some enhancements to the /p command line switches: using any
combination of f,l,t,r,b,m allows to move the Notepad2 window to a
certain position on the primary monitor. A few examples:

  Notepad2.exe --pr
  (use right half of working area)

  Notepad2.exe --pltm
  (display in left top corner, with small margin)

  Notepad2.exe --pdl
  (use default Notepad2 window position, align left)

To make it easier to distinguish Notepad2 windows with untitled
documents (or maybe even with opened files), the window title can be
set to an excerpt of the currently selected text (Ctrl+9). The default
title is restored if Ctrl+9 is pressed again with an empty text
selection, or if the document is being saved. It's also possible to
set a custom window title from the command line:

  Notepad2.exe --t "My Notes"

(The original --t command line switch to select the default text
scheme has been renamed to --d).

Various minor changes: the "Search Up" option of the find and replace
dialogs has been replaced by a "Find Previous" button. There's a new
option to automatically strip trailing blanks when saving files (File,
Line Endings, Default). Files can be reloaded without file variable
parsing (Alt+F8). And, the "Save Copy" directory is remembered until

Internal changes should restore binary compatibility with Windows
2000, and assure basic source code compatibility with x64

The complete changelog is detailed in the Notepad2 readme file.

Download from the Notepad2 website:


Best wishes,

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