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FixtureFlash - PCB Fixturing tips from SP Precision
Free Wave Glass with your prototype wave solder fixture


*        View solder flow through your fixture in real time
*        Eliminate scrap PCB's
*        Set up process accurately prior to running live boards
*        Assure process control on long production runs
*        Strong and durable to withstand high operating temperatures

Wave Glass from S.P. Precision permits you to view what is taking place
beneath the surface 
of the fixture as it travels through the wave solder machine. This
borosilicate glass is cut to 
match the perimeter of the PCB, and rests inside the PCB pocket of your wave
solder fixture. 

Use of Wave Glass from S.P. Precision makes it possible for you to see if
pockets are 
trapping gas, or if fixture walls are shadowing connections needing to be
soldered. Being able 
to see this take place in real time gives you the opportunity to make
changes or adjustments 
to your process, and provide feedback for more robust design for

Incorporating this tool into your operating and set up procedures reduces or
eliminates the 
possibility of scrapping cards on first runs. This is an exceptional tool
for use with prototype 
fixtures and for setting up long production runs. It is also a valuable tool
for use in the middle 
of a production run to assist in assuring process control. 

As an introductory offer, for a limited time SP Precision is offering Wave
Glass to you
FREE when you order your prototype wave solder fixture. Just ask!

1-800-PALLETT (725-5388)


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