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PCB Fixturing Solutions brought to you by SP Precision

April 18, 2002

Holey Moley!

We've been passing out a bunch of information about the wave solder process
in the last few FixtureFlash issues so we figured it was about time to throw
a bone to those surface mount folks lurking around out there. Notice all the
holes in this fixture? We call them heat sink holes. The purpose of the heat
sink holes is to remove mass from the fixture without jepordizing its
rigidity. This allows the PCB to heat up faster, making the fixture more
transparent to the process. All the benefits of a fixture without the
drawbacks. Adding these holes to your fixture can substantially reduce
reflow cycle time, increasing your throughput. The fixture shown in this
photo allowed our customer to shave almost three minutes off their previous
cycle time. That is money right back into the bottom line. That's what it's
all about. You may already be using some fixtures that you could try this
on. We're here to help. Until next time, happy assembly!

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