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PCB Fixturing Solutions brought to you by SP Precision

March 20, 2002

Bridges? Kill 'em some more!

Wow, the last issue of FixtureFlash generated a lot of feedback and
responses! So many in fact, that we decided we should probably share another
bridge-killing tip. Thanks for all of your input, we appreciate and
encourage you to share all of your feedback and experiences. 
Today's tip is simple, and can be quite effective in minimizing bridging. It
requires no special hardware attachments. Ready? 
Angle the PCB pocket.
Notice how the PCB pocket in the photo below is presented to the wave at an
angle relative to the direction of flow. This method keeps the fine-pitch
leads from traveling through the wave in a single-file line. Each lead will
have its own wave real estate to travel through, making it far less likely
that the leads in front will bridge to successive following leads. This
method can also be used in conjunction with the solder thief method we last
discussed. This could be a good thing for you to try next time you encounter
a potential bridging problem in your wave solder process. Good luck, we hope
this trick works for you, and until next time, happy assembly!

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