[fenrir-screenreader] headline substitution, place last echo in clipboard and tab completion

  • From: chrys <chrys@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: fenrir-screenreader@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 11 Nov 2017 01:33:02 +0100

Howdy list,

I just want let you know that we currently baked out 3 new features (byside of many bugfixing):

1. substitution of headlines: is an basic feature to prevent you from flooding by characters what are typicaly used as headlines like = # or -. It detects combinations of > 5 following punctuation characters or combinations from 2 characters like -= and replace it with the number of occourance. for example if you have ######## it is replaced by "8 hash" or -=-=-=-=-=-= is replaced by "6 dash equal". this is already in master branch.

2. a new shortcut that places the last spoken into clipboard (aleady in master)

3. storm is currently testing an re implementation of typing detection. this will allow tab completion (currently the whole line is spoken instead fo just the additional) and non fragmented status line changes (like happening in lynx). problem for both cases they are looking very similar cursor is moving and an diff is created. but for an status line change in lynx we wanna read all the status line instead of just letter fragments to what changed in the line. in case of tab completion we want exactly this, just speak the difference. I m really impressed how accurate suggestions could be done also without having an API to kernel, TTY subsystem and co. currently living in branch "tabcomp" if you want to test.

while doing all this i make a lot of cleanup to prepare the upcoming PTY driver to make fenrir run on gnome-shell, MacOS, FreeBSD and maybe windows. but this is a lot of work and will take a while.

Other things on the roadmap to fenrir 2.0 are:

- emacspeak speech driver (to have dectalk on board, working prototype)
- initial useable braile support (currently about 60% finsh)
- sayall with some nice functionality like slow speech down while reading and place review on stop position
- improve attribute handling
- table review mode, to have an better way to navigate over tables like ps, top or iostat

the detailed list could be found here:

if someone wants to dive in and help :), i will coach you and tell you everything i know. just let me know

happy testing so far,

cheers chrys

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