[fenrir-screenreader] Re: Which key is the fenrir key on a laptop layout?

  • From: chrys <chrys@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 9 Nov 2017 03:35:22 +0100

Howdy my frind,

fenrir supports "multible fenrir keys"
by default it is the following (configurable in /etc/fenrir/settings/settings.conf) are the fenrir keys
what means: keypad 0, super or insert (all of them are recogniced as fenrir keys)
take care that you need python-evdev need installed (what is currently on debian systems missing as dependency)
here you need to install it manual currently ( i will report this to the debian a11y team)
for debian you can install it with
sudo apt-get intall python-evdev
evdev is the linux "event device" system. this is needed by fenrir to capture and consume input events.
python-evdev are the bindings for python (in what fenrir is written) to this event device system.
the minimum version is python-evdev 0.6.4.

what distro are you using, how do you installed it?
fenrir needs python >= 3.3
with that installed you can install it via pip on any distro with (python packager) with:
sudo install fenrir-screenreader
this will install everyting for dependecies.

cheers chrys
what means keypad 0, windows key and insert key, all of that
Am 09.11.2017 um 03:11 schrieb Doug Smith:

Ok, here goes the first message on this list.  I am trying to put fenrir on my 
girlfriend's laptop, but cannot get it to
respond to any kind of input.  The problem is that I am not sure which key is 
the fenrir key if I set the keyboard
layout to laptop.

I cannot access the linux accessibility community on here because of a firewall 
they have on this in-house network and
they really went too far with it.  If I can find out which key this is I can 
get fenrir on my girlfriend's laptop and
get it fixed up for her.


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