[fenrir-screenreader] Re: Unable to install fenrir in arch linux

  • From: chrys <chrys@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 27 Jan 2022 10:55:50 +0100

Howdy Pranav,

like Ishe already noted, fenrir is in AUR. so need to use pip or anything unknown to the package management.
some details:
you can install the PKGBUILDs manually by download it, go to the folder containing the PKGBUILD file and execute
makepkg -sir
this makes it, installs the dependencies and installs it. makepkg is already installed on your system.
but i recommend to install an AUR helper tool. i use yay here. but its not installed by default. it needs to be installed from AUR first as well. once installed, its an almost drop in replacement for pacman. it manages your normal packages and the AUR packages as well. so you can search, install and update anything with that (AUR and normal repository's). it uses the same commands for execution
yay -Ss fenrir
searches fro an application named fenrir or similar
yay -S fenrir
installs fenrir (you need to confirm this again
yay -Syu
updates all your system, AUR and non AUR packages.

by the way, speaking about installing fenrir from AUR, i recommend installing "fenrir-git" from AUR.  the *-git packages always install the latest version just from git master. i try to always keep it in an working state. but the last stable version is very old and sadly i didn't found time to release a new one yet. i will do in near future.

maybe also useful to you:
yay -S ocrdesktop-git
i just almost completely rewrote it. it can OCR from desktop, window, clipboard or file.

as i know you are new to arch, after getting familiar with some basic stuff, you should take a deeper look in AUR and its possibility's.
after installing some packages take care, some packages have optional dependencies to improve its functionality. this is also the case for fenrir and OCRdesktop.
its written just in the output while installation process or you can take a look at the packages page of the offical repository or the AUR web.

see here for details:
wiki for makepkg:
wiki for AUR helpers:
AUR web website for AUR to maintain, search and download PKGBUILDs
website for normal package repository:
AUR web package page for yay:

cheers chrys

Am 27.01.22 um 08:33 schrieb Ishe Chinyoka (ishechinyoka):

I had to download the fenrir from the AUR and do

makepkg -S fenrir

Of course for each of the missing dependencies, I had to check out which
from the build or runtime dependencies. You can also try using the yay
utility which I found reliable in pulling dependencies on your behalf.
So doing something like:

yay -S fenrir

will have yay check from the AUR and install Fenrir along with any
required dependencies.



On Thu, Jan 27, 2022 at 12:44  <pranav.lal@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi all,

I am following the installation guide to install Fenrir on arch Linux. It is
failing at the building of python ebdev.
What are the steps to install Fenrir on arch?
I have done the export PKGBUILD AUR
Them sudo pip install Fenrir-screenreader


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