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Mobile phones that resemble oversized lipsticks is one of Nokia's big ideas 
that didn't quite catch on.

While a surprisingly capable handset resides inside the Nokia 7280's bizarre 
casing, its outlandish form factor made basic functions such as texting a chore.

It was more fashion accessory than phone, but most style-conscious users 
wouldn't be seen dead with something like this today.

3. Nokia 8800

If ever there was a handset aimed at users with more money than sense it was 
the Nokia 8800, a luxury device with next to no features.

Although the phone was made from premium materials, with a stainless steel 
design and scratch-proof screen, it offered little beyond calls, texts and an 
average camera.

With a launch price of more than $1,000, we were at least expecting a 
user-friendly experience, but the Nokia 8800 was too miserly for even that.

4. Nokia 5510

The Nokia 5510 was a mobile phone with the form factor of a handheld games 
console, but there were no decent games for it (besides Snake 2, obviously), 
nor was it powerful enough to host any.

With a full keyboard included, the device was billed as the ultimate texting 
machine, but it was ugly and clunky, and obsolete within a year as colour 
displays began phasing out their monochromatic counterparts.

The phone at least boasted impressive music playback capabilities, offering 
crisp MP3 output and 64MB of memory for storing your tunes.

5. Nokia 8110

The Nokia 8110 was released in 1998 and quickly shot to fame because it was 
used by Keanu Reeves in The Matrix.

This was the first Nokia device to feature a slider design, but it also brought 
new meaning to the famous Mae West quote "is that a banana is your pocket, or 
are you just happy to see me?"

Aside from its fruit-like form factor, the Nokia 8110 was held back by the lack 
of a speakerphone and a contacts list that only accommodated 125 entries.

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