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  • Date: Tue, 14 Aug 2012 09:36:07 +0100

good morning, here are the notes from our last meeting on august 13th. 
In Attendence:
Dominique Farrell;Paul Griffith;Mary Lavelle;
Cearbhall O'Meadhra and Albert Brown;
Topics discussed and demonstrated:
predicted text using an nokia n 70 mobile phone:
1 You must first select  messaging, create new message and select text, 
2  press the hash key, 3times  quickly  until you hear 159 lower case:
this should bring  you into predicted text mode,  and you can check this by 
pressing the number 9 key, and if it says x rather than w, then you  know your 
3 to write the name paul, first press the number 7,
then the number 2, then the number 8 and finally the number 5
ignore what  talks says to you, as it will call out the wrong letter, and might 
say something like pc but when you press out the final letter, it will be 
right, and if not press the star key for alternatives. 
this is a different way to text and is a lot faster. 
it is only necessary to press the number once rather than ordinary which could 
entail pressing the number 3 times depending whether the letter was d, e, or f, 
and so on. 

there was a general discussion on bus stop numbers and how to access them and 
find out the time of the next bus coming:
 mary lavelle had a problem in accessing rte using a particular laptop, and 
this was not resolved, but a suggestion was made to bring it to the retailer, 
back to the future. 
Dominique told us that she would not be available for next weeks meeting. 
Paul Griffith

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