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I have nothing to pitch but will happily help as an audience member. Would
love to see you all.


Michael Klashman


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I'm in... just let me know where & when


Robert Kaul

Founder & CEO

Cloud Diagnostics Inc



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On Jan 17, 2010, at 1:53 PM, Jonathan Hirschman wrote:

I could definitely use some pitch practice for what I'm working on now.
Anyone else interested? We definitely need some audience members to provide
feedback to the pitchees - not everyone would have to present.

And then drinks afterwards would be pretty good, too.

On 1/17/2010 12:39 PM, alan.siege@xxxxxxxx wrote:


This sounds like a good idea!!!  Please keep me in the loop.




Alan Siege

Small Business Management Consulting

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Hi all,


Thanks Jonathan for initiating this!


I have joined The Hive @ 55 and thus have access to a large conf room now

with projector. They are open late on Thurs or we could do a lunchtime

gathering any day of the week for pitch practice.


Is there anyone on this list who would be interested in the pitch practice?

If so please speak up... Otherwise we'll just organize a social gathering!




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Subject: [fasttrac_nv12] Hello FastTrac New Venture 12 Alumni!




I hope that all of you have been enjoying a promising start for the New

Year, for both yourselves and your ventures.


Beverly May and I had discussed the possibility of putting together a

"reunion" together; I decided to create a mailing list, and took the

liberty of adding you to it, to see if there's any interest in the idea.

If you want off the list, please see instructions below, and I apologize

for cluttering your inbox.


If you haven't been on a mailing list before, please note that any email

to fasttrac_nv12@xxxxxxxxxxxxx will go out to everyone on the list,

which is currently composed of class attendees and our wonderful



As for the "reunion": one option is for all of us to simply meet up,

eat, drink and catch up.


The other possibility, Beverly's excellent idea, would be for us to meet

somewhere where we could have a pitching session (and then eat, drink,

etc). Perhaps the folks at Levin might be inclined to loan out a room

from time to to time?


Anyone wanting to pitch their latest idea would be welcome to do so, and

the rest of us would provide constructive criticism and feedback (and

perhaps, the pitching could become something regular or semi-regular).


So, please let everyone know what you think. Ideas for alternative

formats are welcome, too.


If you want to unsubscribe, you can do it a couple of ways:


* Email fasttrac_nv12-request@xxxxxxxxxxxxx with the word "unsubscribe",

without the quotes, in the subject of your email. The mailing list

manager will confirm that you want to leave, and then remove you.


* Email me at jonathan@xxxxxxxxxxxxx, and I'll do it for you.


I hope that our great group can continue in some form or another.




Jonathan Hirschman






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