[facug] The 2010 FACUG Technology Conference Bahamas Cruise is now ready for general registration

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The 2010 FACUG Technology Conference Bahamas Cruise is now ready for general 

General registration has started for the 2010 FACUG Technology Conference and 
to book your cruise. We have it all, the newest ship sailing to the Bahamas, 
plans for an outstanding program that is designed to meet your measured needs, 
the best price possible and the most varied attendees than ever before. Are you 
ready for the “Edutainment” event of the year?
FACUG announced the 2010 FACUG Technology Conference has been moved to South 
Florida.  It will be the first time ever for a conference like this to be held 
in that area and we have organized a conference on a cruise ship that is a 
first for any technology related user group.  This truly is a conference not to 
be missed.

 FACUG and vendors are working together to help create this cruise discount and 
huge opportunity for us to experience this unprecedented event at the lowest 
possible price. We challenge you to find a better rate to the Bahamas, many 
have tried, and none have yet succeeded. The Norwegian Sky is the newest ship 
sailing to the Bahamas. It features casual Free Style dining. You eat whenever 
you want and can wear whatever you want. 

 The cruise will depart from the Miami pier on Friday, February 26, calling on 
Nassau and Great Stirrup Cay, Bahamas and returning to Miami on Monday, March 
1.  We will have buses available from several places around the state of 

 The FACUG early bird registration cost for the conference is $50/person and at 
least one person per cabin must register for the Conference. 

 The Conference will consist of technology presentations from national vendors 
as well as from members of other clubs from around the country.  Since many of 
the products have not yet been launched, it is impossible to give specifics as 
to the exact program at this time.  Most of the presentations will be directed 
at the novice to intermediate technology user level and you do NOT need to be 
an expert to fully enjoy this conference.  We have many exciting surprises 
planned. This is an historic event. Never before has such a conference been 
held at sea.  There will also be ample opportunity to enjoy all the 
recreational activities aboard the ship and shore.

 To share in the excitement, go to the FACUG website www.facug.org to register 
for the conference and then book your cruise.  Remember at least one person per 
cabin must register for the conference.  Do not forget the magic words “FACUG – 
Norwegian Sky – 2/26/10” or you will not get the discounted rates which start 
at a base rate of $94/person for the 3-night/4-day cruise.  Since we have a 
limited number of cabins at various price points, the sooner you book your 
cabin, the better your chance of getting the cabin type and rate you desire.  
Once certain price levels are sold out, the next higher price is in effect 
assuming the cabin is still available.

In the coming months we will be communicating with you on a regular basis to 
update you on the progress of the Conference.  On Monday, July 20 at 7PM, we 
will utilize an exciting new technology that has become available to us. We 
will be hosting a Live Meeting. You will click a website and be able 
participate in a live, interactive, Windows-based teleconference with others 
from throughout the country. Sorry, Mac users you will have to buddy up with a 
friend with Windows in order to participate, as this is Microsoft owned 
software. However, we will have Mac related programs aboard the ship. You will 
have an opportunity to have any questions answered in real time and also tell 
you the latest news of this event.  This is user-friendly and will NOT require 
many computer skills.  Send an email to facugcruise@xxxxxxxxx if you want to 
receive access information for the meeting.
It has been a very exciting time for the many people around the country working 
together to put on this historical event and we hope you will be able to share 
in the excitement.  

 Send an email to facugcruise@xxxxxxxxx if you have questions that are not 
answered on the FACUG website.



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