[facug] FACUG Conference 2010 Listserv established

  • From: "JBH" <jbh37@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <facug@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 7 Jun 2009 22:11:50 -0500

Florida Association of Computer User Groups, Inc. 

Dear FACUG Member:

Please excuse this intrusion into your email system, but at the same time your 
cooperation is requested so we may use our good Florida people to test the 
listserv. Since we are computer users all announcements and advertising of the 
FACUG Conference 2010 will be done by electronic mail.

As an officer or official of your User Group you have been subscribed to the 
FACUG Conference 2010 Listserv.  The list is being established so we may make 
you and your members aware and be kept informed about the upcoming FACUG 
Conference 2010.  This will be a conference unlike anything that has been 
experienced over the past 15 year existence of FACUG.

You should receive no more than two test emails, this being the first.   You 
will not be able to respond using the "reply" function nor by sending an email 
to the address of the listserv.  Friends or other local user group members will 
not be able to subscribe to this list. It is established as a one-way 
announcement list. 

However, if you would like to provide any input you may email 

This list will eventually contained hundreds of user group officers and members 
throughout the USA.   We will do our best not to bombard everyone with 
unnecessary emails. 

Please feel free to provide this email to your user group members so they may 
be kept informed.  They may be included on the list by sending an email request 
to director3@xxxxxxxxx

If you have any questions or suggestions fell free to let us hear from you.

J. B. Hillard
FACUG Conference 2010 Listserv

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