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Subject: 2011 FACUG Technology Conference Mexico Cruise 

There is no better vacation bargain than a cruise.  Add to it a fully fledged 
Computer and Technology Conference and it becomes an outstanding event.  Be 
part of FACUG's second Conference@Sea, as we embark on, what promises to be 
another outstanding 

Sail - Abration!

Those who attended our February, 2010 historic Computer & Technology 
Conference@Sea can attest that it provided far more than what was expected. 
This notice is for those of the technology community that could not make the 
2010 event. We hope to recreate the dynamically exciting feelings expressed by 
those who attended. It was far more than a conference; it was a happening. For 
our first Conference@Sea, we had some of the most diverse and interesting 
presenters we have ever had.  We know that next year's will be even more 
spectacular. We recommend visiting our website (www.facug.org) and watch a 
replay of the sail-away that you may have missed live and see for yourself the 
excitement that was generated (fast forward to about 15 minutes into the 
video). You can also get to see parts of some of the presentations that were 
videoed and relive some of the exhilaration, by viewing the photos on our 
website. We had a most interesting and diverse program. There was something of 
interest for most everyone as you can see in the Program Magazine that you can 
also access via the FACUG website. We received special commendations from the 
spouses who did not register for the conference. They had not expected to 
participate in the Conference at all, but we opened four sessions for them, in 
addition to the two free cocktail parties. All had a wonderful time. We provide 
a great balance between conference time and party time.


We have already booked some of our most popular speakers for this next 


Bill Campbell, a professional photographer, who led a photo shoot on the Island 
of Nassau, will be returning with more tips on converting good photos into 
great photos.


Carey Holzman, co-host of Computer America see (www.computeramerica.com), will 
be returning to provide more practical answers to your never ending computer 


We will be having a presenter new to FACUG, but not new to the computer world, 
in Gabe Goldberg, former APCUG Advisor for the area covering New Jersey to 
Virginia. Gabe is a lifelong technology consultant and excellent communicator.  
A former IBMer, data center senior staffer and software company VP, he has 
written hundreds of computer press articles, contributes to mainstream 
publications such as the Washington Post, and co-authored three McGraw-Hill 
mainframe books. Gabe speaks frequently to diverse audiences, from techies to 
baby boomers and senior citizens.  He enjoys sharing tips and pointers that 
help people use and have fun with technology.

Evelyn Watts, of Corel Software, will once again demonstrate some of Corel's 
best photo and video editing available, at reasonable consumer prices. Her 
presentations at the last conference were eye opening to many who attended. She 
is a vibrant and enthusiastic speaker.


Dave (Doc) Dockery will once again offer another one of his inspiring 
presentations. Everyone who has ever attended one of his presentations has 
walked away with many new perspectives.


Ray Zukowski, our professional videographer and proponent of streaming video, 
who introduced us to the sailaway experience, will once again, wow us with the 
newest upgrades and applications to his program, (see www.neighborvision.com).


As you can see that with many months to go, we have a jump start on key 


As with last year's Conference, there will be many surprises.


We know that the attendees had a wonderful experience. How do we know, you may 
ask? They told us. The overwhelmingly positive replies to our surveys conveyed 
to us all that we did right as well as some things that they felt could be 
improved to make your next experience even better next year.

A few of the comments we received have already been addressed. One was that we 
had too many outstanding programs which competed with land activities. Next 
year, we will only be providing original presentations on the days that we are 
at sea. Another critique was that we had too many excellent programs that 
conflicted with one another. What a wonderful problem to have!  Next year we 
will offer repeats of the most popular programs, on the day we will be in port, 
for those who wish to take a second bite of the apple.

That was only the beginning; next year's ship is of a newer design, a higher 
rated ship that will provide even more amenities. RCCL has a wonderful 
reputation in the cruise industry.  We will be going on Royal Caribbean's 
Radiance of the Seas on January 27-31, 2011, departing from the Port of Tampa.  
We will have a five day/four night cruise; one day sail to Cozumel, one day in 
Cozumel and one day sailing back to Tampa.  If there is sufficient demand, we 
will try to reserve buses from points around Florida to the pier and back at 
the best prices we can find.  For example, buses from Palm Beach County to/from 
the Port of Tampa will be $30-$35/person each way. 

Your $100/person cruise deposit is 100% refundable until 70 days prior to 
sailing, so if you change your mind more than 70 days before the sailing date, 
you will receive a full refund on the cruise. Please go to (www.facug.org) to 
register for the conference where you will be directed to the travel agent to 
book your cruise. The current prices are only guaranteed for a limited amount 
of time. Some cabin categories have already been sold out so get the best 
cabins at the best price now. These prices have been guaranteed to us only 
through June 30, 2010.


The first round of balcony cabins have been sold out. Don't worry; those of you 
who would prefer a balcony cabin can obtain one for a small increase in price. 
We have been assured that the prices will only be going up after June 30, so 
now is the time to get on board. Go the www.facug.org and register today.


If you do not wish to receive further correspondence on the conference please 
reply to secretary@xxxxxxxxx and type "unsubscribe" in the subject line.


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