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Fanfic to Go updates!  :-)
If you haven't heard me gripe about it already, the server I use for Fanfic To 
Go has been screwed up for over two weeks, keeping me from uploading any files. 
 So I thought i'd let you know that the following are available by email.  Just 
let me know which ones you want, and I'll be happy to send them as an 

Take special note of City of Light, Hiraeth, and Hurricane Season.  ;-)

**updates from Sept 8th:
all text files over 200k have been zipped
Heaven in Hell's Despair by Meredith
Brave New World by Meredith
Show of Strength by Meredith
Hearts and Bones by Michelle Kiefer
Scar Tissue by Joann Humby
City of Light by Bonetree
No Quarter Given (both parts) by Mish
Hiraeth by Prufrock's Love (no longer WIP)
A Posteriori by XFBandit
Alunakanula by Dasha K.

***updates from Sept 15th:
Above Rubies by Rachel Howard
Prison of Innocents by jrfpatton
Straight on 'til Morning by Brandon Ray
Carol Lee by WestShore
The Poe Mountain Horror by WestShore
Blizzard by L.C. Brown
Case #1235: Fox Mulder by Jamie Greco
From the Ashes by Jamie Greco
Controlled Substances by Kel
Recycled Virgins by Kel
To Have It All by Kel
Worth Breaking by Narida Law
Sore Luck at the Luxor by AnubisLM
Sisters by Hetfield
Scully and the Gap Man corrected by Alicia K.
Oxytocin by Ambress
Divine Intervention and The Choice by Maria O'Rourke

****updates from Sept 22nd:
The Sound of Your Voice by Vickie Moseley and Summer
Covenant by Rhondda Lake
Dividends by Suzanne Schramm
No Greater Love by Karen Rasch
Jasper's Last Thought by MD1016
In Absentia by QofMush
The Lady and the Tiger by Stephanie Davies and Windsinger / Sue Esty
Ingenue by Punk Manuverablity
Corpse by Livingoo
Lammtarra by Joann Humby
Missing Voices by Joyce McKibben, Meredith, and MCA
September 12, 2001 by dlynn
Skin by Annie Sewell-Jennings
Resurgam (NC17 and PG13 versions) by Opheila

*****Sept 25th:
The Dreaming Sea by Revely
Hurricane Season by rah and beduini

keep sending me your requests!  :-)  and don't forget to add recs to the new 
rec list!

and if you're not on the auto-email, sign up from the front page of the site!  
ahem, ahem, chat room buddies....

~ AngeliqueMoses@xxxxxxxxxxx

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