[f2g] F2G changes

  • From: "Angelique Moses" <angeliquemoses@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: f2g@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 16 Dec 2001 18:35:45 -0600

Hiya, everyone!  Long time no see!  I'm terribly sorry about the lack of 
updates lately, but i've been spending all my time doing some major 
restructive surgery.  You may have noticed that the original URL is still 
not working.  I'm currently fighting the server tech support, who want me to 
completely reset my account, which would mean LOTS of hours of FTPing.  But 
the http://f2gtemp.angelq.net is working fine.  And it's all new.  At first 
it looks quite similar, but what i've done is turn the entire site into a 
database.  This is great because it makes adding one fic a real snap.  It 
might actually take me a whole minute, LOL.  Before I had to write the code 
and then stick that code into each of about seven pages in alphabetical 
order.  Now the database does all that for me.  You can now view fics in 
order of title, author, rating, size, newest, recs, and custom search.  The 
recs are a new function, exactly like Ephemeral.  Just vote once, please!  
:-)  The search function is a bit limited right now, but i hope to change 
that soon.  Currently it will search for one word or one phrase.  For 
example, you can find all the fics labeled "MSR" but you can't see ones 
labeled both "MSR" and "UST."  But if you did a search for "Moose and 
Squirrel," it will find fics that include that phrase in the summary.  Of 
course, you have to spell "squirrel" correctly.

Anyway, long story short: F2G shines like a new penny!  Please go check it 
out and report any and all errors to me asap.  And send some fic requests my 
way!  Let's see if it's going to be as easy as I think.  ;-)


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