[exil] Re: next exil

  • From: jerome joy <joy@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: exil@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 13 Nov 2002 16:53:57 -0800

hello Beatrix et Katarina !

you know that we have a special mailing-list for the Exil project. So you
can send your messages directly to the mailing-list address:
and everybody will receive your messages !

before setting up the next exil, I would ask you (and all the exilers)
about how do you think to develop the project from the past intensive
session and the european trip circle?
I think that it would be great if you can develop a real collective project
and realization, with the scale and the frame you want. This could take the
form you want too (website, printed flyers, streaming and chat sessions,
movie, and so on). You've got until next march to develop it...
I think that you'd got a lot of different elements (pictures, texts, audio
and video recordings, and so on), these can benefit to a collective project
of presentation. This could be a kind of "demo". And this can help the
development of the next session in 2003.

about the next exil, the better dates will be the second or the third week
of April concerning Nice, and our proposition will be to develop with the
exilers a streamed and chatted week (audio and video) with the support of
RadioMatic (http://radiomatic.org/ ). This would be a daily activity:
stream yourself (as a collective group).
but I must check for the period, before a definitive confirmation.


>HEllo everybody
>hOpe you are all fine- everbody is very busy- as usual-
>our department is inquering about next exil, to start the organization in
>time (money etc.).
>Do you have the new dates already?
>What will be the program, topic of the next event?
>We could help with the Budapest part of the program.
>It seems that cathrines and marions e-mail do not work- haven`t heard from
>them since exil.
>hope to hear from you soon about this and other things as well!
>Beatrix and Katarina

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