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  • Date: Sun, 9 Jun 2002 12:06:55 -0800

>Hi everybody!
>We hope you are in a good mood and everything is fine (exams, boyfriends,
>Two weeks after the exil we had a talk with jean francois and we were
>thinking about how to go on with the project or how to make it better...
>One idea was to have one week more (perhaps one month after the exil) to
>meet again and to make the exhibition after the exil ( and not within the 4
>weeks- like in bremen).
>But it is a question of time and money and it seems not possible in this
>Another possibility to show the results of the project and to go on with
>working could be a "moving exhibition".
>We were thinking about a tape with all the works of the exil ( also of the
>exils before), so that we can send it to the different cities to make a
>small "exil exhibition". The works must be simple to install without much
>technical stuff (but the most of us did tapes, so i think there will be no
>Everyone of us has to organise this exhibition in ones own city .
>We think it is a good way to continue the project, and perhaps we will get
>more attention and the connection between the schools is still in work
>So what do you think? New ideas, critics..... tell us!
>Ralf and Tanja

good idea !

what do you mean about a "tape with all the works" to make a "small exil
exhibition" ?


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