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If he wants to access the folders ONLINE (ie. Directly on the server), he
simply has to set up Outlook on his laptop and Pocket Outlook on his PDA to
connect to the exchange server, just as you would any regular PC.

A couple of things to consider though.

1> Firewall
If you have a firewall between your exch. Server and the internet,  you
probably (should) have 'exchange-specific' ports closed to the internet, so
the PDA/laptop would not be able to access it online over a standard ISP

Solution to this would be to use a VPN (we do this and works nicely) to
create an encrypted tunnel between the laptop/pda and the firewall.  There
are VPN clients available for Pocket PC for most VPN firewalls.

2> Costs
Accessing a mailbox online over a mobile phone can be quite costly, since
the user will stay connected and send/recieve packets for the entire
duration of Outlook being open.

You might want to consider using Offline folders and setting up an 802.11b
or Bluetooth small LAN for this guy to synchronize his mailbox with exchange
when in his office.  He will then be able to access it offline, but he
obviously won't recieve any new mails.


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We have users here that connect through their laptops, via LAN as well as
Dialup. With respect to the Exchange configuration there is nothing
different. The only thing that wehave done is set up syncronisation in

This way when they disconnect Outlook sends and syncronises everything on
the server with everything on the laptop.

Not sure if this answers your question or not. - maybe I got the wrong


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I have a user who wants to access his Exchange mailbox folders directly from
his laptop and his Pocket PC pda over a wireless modem connection. I am
running Exch 2000 SP2. I'm not sure what configuration is necessary here -
anyone know what I need to do here? Thanks,


Peter Turner, Information Technology Administrator
Episcopal Diocese of Washington
202-537-6540 / pturner@xxxxxxxx /

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