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Do you have an SMTP connector defining where outgoing email should flow?

Were the NICs on the same network, or different networks? Who had the
default gateway and who didn't? (If both did, then stop diagnosis right

All of my Exchange servers have at least two NICs (a public facing NIC
and a backup-network NIC). No problems whatsoever. 

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I set up an exchange 2k3 server. it had 2 nics. one had a static addy,
the other was dhcp(it got all the dns info from dhcp as well). the dhcp
lease was set for 3 days

In this setup, mail was stuck in the queues for hours. sometimes days,
but eventually delivered.
the moment i disabled the dhcp nic, mail started flowing normally.

any idea why 2 nics(or dhcp) would cause this?
i never saw any MS kb's about mlti homed exchange being a bad idea OR

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