RE: why we need SMTP server??

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  • Date: Mon, 29 Sep 2003 15:29:29 +0100

[exchangelist] RE: why we need SMTP server??The only down side to using
stamps is the extra paper and printing costs.

Our exchange server receives around 3000 emails a day from the internal
users. We print these emails out along with an address label. These are then
packed into an envelope, addressed and stamped ready for postage.

We also receive around 4000 letters a day which we open and type into
Exchange so our users can view them electronically.

With a mail staff of 42 we can deliver and retype all mail  within 6 hours.

I dont know how we managed before we got the Exchange server but I do dream
of the time when someone will develop a mechanism by which exchange servers
and other mail servers could talk to each other. The time saved printing,
posting and retyping mail would be a huge cost saving for all. They could
call is something like Simply Mail To People.

Any one fancy trying to develop that?

Frustrated Admin

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