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Do you have your Outlook 2000 client setup to use both Exchange (MAPI) and
Internet Email accounts?  It sounds like you have your outlook clients
configured to send mail immediately rather than waiting for a connection to
send mail.  SMTP never comes into play (at the client level) when using
Exchange with Outlook 2000 when configured in Corporate Mode.  Outgoing
messages are sent to the exchange server via MAPI and then the exchange
server sends the message out.

I have not used Outlook 2000 for a while but if I remember correctly there
are setting on handling the sending of email in offline mode. You need to set
outlook to wait until it's online to send. One of the settings is to send
immediately which obviously won't work when you don't have a connection. The
message should hang out it your outbox until you make a MAPI connection.


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Is there are any way to do the following:

User does a sync before leaving the office that has the exchange server. They

use it in offline mode when on the road.  Now they want to send some messages

via a regular internet smtp account as the exchange server is not available.


Exchange 2003 at the office, only access currently is via OWA (https), 
laptops have outlook 2000 on them.

I am not going to open pop3 or smtp to the users when they are out of the 
office.  However this specific user needs to be able to create and reply to 
emails while he is sitting on the ferry or the plane in transit and then be 
able to send when he gets to an internet connection at the hotel or wherever.


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