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If you are using Scanmail for Exchange, look into Officescan also by Trend 
Micro and use that in conjunction as you file level scanner. You can also get 
packages with Trend for all types of Virus scanning (mailbox, gateway, file) 
etc. This may be a cheaper and better option for you.

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  There are two trains of thought:

  1), Yes, install AV to protect the server but exclude all Exchange 
directories (including store directories)and exclude the mailroot directory .

  2) No, not needed since nothing else should be on there anyways and no one 
should be logging onto the Exchange server directly except rarely.

  I'm in the first group.

  John T

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  we are in a process of deploying new exchange server 2003 on a new 
machine...want to clear one thing that am just installing ScanMail for 
Exchange...do i also need to install any anti virus software which scans system 
files & all the files on hard disk? or just ScanMail for Exchange? and i thnk 
for spyware we need to install ScanMail eManager. 


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