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  • Date: Sun, 10 Apr 2005 00:10:03 -0700

What does a delivery receipt show?
Does the mailbox in ESM show content?

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I am having a really strange issue with one user on an Exchange 2003 box and
am scratching my head.  All other users (some 120 user) are sending and
receiving messages fine, except for this one user.

When I send a message to the user (from remote, e.g. test messages from
gmail or hotmail), there is no bounce.  The Exchange server actually sees
the message, and the message tracker also shows the message in it's logs and
apparently claims that the message was delivered to the user.  But the
user's mailbox always shows "no messages".  Event logs do not show any
errors.  The user does not have any filters or anything else configured in
Outlook that is swallowing the mesage (I confirmed this by changing the
password so even if the user had something wierd configured in their
Outlook, they would be blocked from pulling the message down anymore).
OWA also shows an empty mailbox.  The user is able to send messages, but not

It's almost as if the message is arriving at the exchange server, and is
being acceptted for delivery to the local user, and then disappearing into
some black hole.  Very odd.

Any ideas where I should look next?


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