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It is best to read up on the update on Microsoft's Web Site. There are
very good, concise, instructions on doing the update. You need to allow
some time between steps for changes to the schema to propagate to all
domain controllers. 
I did the upgrade and the upgrade tools check for all that and force you
to do those updates to the schema. Bill doesn't let you mess it up
without lots of warnings. 
There is also another schema update with the latest version of Windows
2003 (2003 R2) that you need to run if you are installing that version
of Server. There is also probably a update to the schema when you go
from exchange 2000 to 2003 but that might be incorporated in the Windows
2003 R2. If not, the tools will check and make sure you do it.
We have a pretty small domain so it wasn't much of a problem once I
decided it was time to do the upgrade.
The tools worked well for me.
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does anybody have anu info for upgradeing windows 2000 domain to windows
2003 with exchange 2000 installed i know that there is a interorg fix
that i have to run first but it seems that i also need to be enable
shema update through the register is this true or is there another way

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