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first, you have to delete all mailboxess in AD users and computers and do a 
simply clean up at exchange system manager->servers->your server name->storage 
group->mailbox store right click "mailboxes" and select "run cleanup agent".  
right click on each mailbox name and select "purge" to delete the mailbox. 
run CD setup e2k select "remove" wait until setup finish remove.
restart your server
to make sure everything are clean on AD database, run ADSI Edit tool (can be 
found on w2k CD).
make sure Domain NC->DC=yourdomainame,DC=com->DC=microsoft exchange system 
object has been deleted, if not right click and select "delete"
second thing is goto configuration 
container->DC=configuration,DC=yourdomainname,DC=com->DC=services right click 
on DC=microsoft exchange select "delete"
delete c:\program files\exchsrv folder!
hope this can help!!!
please be careful on editing AD database! wrong modifying will cause you server 
not running properly!

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        I have E2k installed on my server running side by side with another 
        server comparing the benifits of them both for our small network.
        Unforetunatley E2K is too 'complicated' for our needs that are better 
        for our other email server program. Is there a way to safely and without
        much complication, uninstalling E2K from our Win2K server????
        Many thanks in advance,
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