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  • Date: Mon, 24 Jun 2002 16:25:35 -0700

I have had something similar in the past, but these are small emails in relatively small accounts. (One is an NDR in the Administrator's mailbox!)

It seems as if this is more of an Exchange problem than an Outlook problem, but since I have had no luck with repairs so far I'm beginning to wonder.


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Subject: [exchangelist] RE: unable to view deleted items folder
Date: Mon, 24 Jun 2002 13:41:52 -0500 - Re-Vamped!

This is a shot in the dark, but I just had an issue with one of my users today where he couldn't really do anything productive with his e-mail. He sent two 32 meg attachments this morning before I got to the office, and those attachments got stuck into his sent folder. Then one of them bounced back (filled up his quota, you see) and added another 45 Meg to his inbox somehow. I couldn't dismiss a whole group of apptmnts, couldn't delete anything, blah blah blah. I ended up closing outlook on his computer (no easy task) then went to my nice clean computer, opened up his mail box and started moving things to personal folders. That worked. Once he was far enough under the space limits he could move around better.

How is it that execs can kill their respective computers so easily?
It's like they took a course about making our lives miserable while in
MBA school....

Matt Walkowiak

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Subject: [exchangelist] unable to view deleted items folder - Re-Vamped!

We are running Exch 2000 with Outlook 2000 clients. I had to repair the priv1.edb with eseutil /p. Once the store was mounted, things are in pretty good shape, however I have a couple of problems that all seem to be related.

1. One client is unable to display deleted items folder
2. Another client cannot dismiss two personal calendar events that
over a month ago - unknown error.
3. Two clients are unable to delete items in their inbox - access

I have tried exporting the folders to pst files and running scanpst.
did not find any errors.

I have run isinteg on the information store - no errors found.

I have run an exmerge on the affected users and reimported the pst files

into thier mailboxes and the errors are still there.

Am I missing something, or are there any other suggestions?

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