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Thanks for the input. We currently have outside dns resolution. No X400 is
being used. All other domains seem to resolve fine through the exchange
server, with no proxy involved. As to where it seems to bog down, the only
place I can check it is when I access the queue list and see it first as a
"Pending Delivery" and several moments later as "Unknown Host". I believe
that it must be SMTP.

Very strange ...

> It would depend on a few things. 
> 1) Are you in mixed mode environment? If so ensure that the LegacyExchangeDN
> is configured correctly and there is no space at the end.
> 2) Are you using X400? If so ensure TextEncodedOrAddresses is exactly the
> same as Proxy Address.
> 3) Are you routing internally or externally?
> 4) Where does the message get stuck? What is the transport that it gets
> stuck on? 
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> Hi there
> I have one host address that in the past few days has been getting stuck
> in the queue with 'unknown host'. From the Exchange server I have no
> problem sending a message telnetting to their mailserver; they can send
> messages into our system, but if we try and reply, back into the queue and
> nothing goes out. As I say, it is only one domain, but if I can telnet
> into it, shouldn't it resolve this address?
> Thanks
> TS
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