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How does your Exchange box resolve external DNS names? Does it use the
DNS server specified on its tcp/ip properties or a DNS server configured
for the VS?

There is a known issue is you use the second method when the first MX
record of a domain is down, Exchange won't try to connect to the server
pointed by the second MX record.

A temporary workaround that will help you no matter what configuration
you have will be to create an SMTP connector configured to forward all
email (for the affected domain) to the ip address that you can telnet

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Hi there

I have one host address that in the past few days has been getting stuck
in the queue with 'unknown host'. From the Exchange server I have no
problem sending a message telnetting to their mailserver; they can send
messages into our system, but if we try and reply, back into the queue
nothing goes out. As I say, it is only one domain, but if I can telnet
into it, shouldn't it resolve this address?



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