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If you enable circular logging and your server goes down, you will not be able 
to recover your data.  Of course, if you aren't backing up your data now, I 
gather that the data does not warrant recovery in such a case?   If so, then 
sure, turn on circular logging.  If the data is worth having, it's worth 
backing up.  And the only way to manage Exchange is by backing it up to allow 
the log files to be purged.

You might want to pick up some "Best Practices" tips by reading, for instance, 
Jim McBee's book "Exchange 2000 Server: 24x7" (  It's 
a very pleasant read.

Kim Cameron

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Thanks for your quick response Ciapala.
The problem is that I cannot run a full exchange backup because I don't have an 
external tape backup and when I attempt to back up to the disk, I don't have 
enough disk space. So, by enabling Circular Logging...the old transaction log 
will get removed automatically, over time?
Thanks again,

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