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Hi Arif, 
You can use both Norton Ghost, or Powerquest Drive Image, to mirror your
installation to a new Disk, over the Lan, or with the right CDR straight
onto a CD.
What your best option is mainly depends on the hardware your using in
your Exchange maschines. We have a SCSI raid 1 system so I didn't need
any mirroring tools to get an Image of my installation but simply took
out on of the disks and replaced it with a new one of the same size. The
SCSI Raid then rebuilt itself.
Using a mirroring tool takes anything from 10min to a few yours again
depending on your hardware an wether you want to mirror directly to a
new Harddisk, over the Lan or onto spanned CDs (the last two are very
To create an image with one of these tool means you have to boot from
Disk or CD, an the Exchange server will not be available until finished.
(with the SCSI Raid, the system can run at the same time.) Which means
that yu might have problems doing something like that on a production
Greetings from Switzerland
Christian Kurmann
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        I have two exchange servers, one ISA and taking  regular backup.
        If the server fails I can restore the backup, but the
reconfiguring the servers will take.
        Which utility I can use to take exact copy of the server in CD
or another Hard disk which I can be restored if there is disaster.
(including OS and exchange server everything.). 
        Whether Norton ghost will do this. I have not tried yet. Anyone
can guide me on this.
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