Re: synchronizing Outlook via ISP connect?

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The only solution i think if you want to connect through internet is Windows
2000 VPN. In this way you can accomodate muliple users. Only worry would be
the bandwidth. If you have enough bandwidth then this would be ideal
Manjeet Singh

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| Hi,
|    Currently some of our traveling users send/receive their email using
| Outlook by dialing directly into the server (using RAS). Although this
| well, it of course becomes a problem when one person is connected.  Others
| cannot (they get a busy signal).   Does anyone know if it's possible to
| Outlook 2000 to send/receive email via an ISP account?  That is, they
| send/receive their mail on the corporate server but instead of dialing
| directly into the server they would connect via the Internet.
| Thanks.
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