[ExchangeList] Re: sudden Authntication pop for outlook 2007

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-------------------------------------------------------See if this answers any 
questions on CAS placement.. maybe I’m misunderstanding, but it’s a good read 
anyway ☺.

Lee Swanson

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Subject: [ExchangeList] sudden Authntication pop for outlook 2007

We have Exchange 2007 SP1 roll up6  (on windows 2008 sp1)CAS server in 4 sites. 
One site is separated by firewall and this site has the first CAS server 
installed in the ORG. Issue is, outlook 2007 users are suddenly getting 
authentication popup and this pop is from CAS server in different site. Not 
able to understand why it tries to connect to CAS in other site.  We also 
observed that in outlook proxy setting, the msstd setting gets pointed to the 
first CAS server URL automatically.

This auto discovery is creating hell. Above this out office assistance is not 
working when NOT connected to domain or not logged on to domain. So now people 
from internet and people logged on to different domain cannot put out office. 

Can someone throw some light on this. Not sure what’s wrong.

Praveen R

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