RE: strange dllhost and email

  • From: "Sunil Shetty" <shetty.s@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 5 Sep 2003 19:57:35 +0530

Messagehi hery,

This utility should help you clean the registry entries, which blaster worm has 
created, if any.

Sunil Shetty
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  Subject: [exchangelist] RE: strange dllhost and email

  hi jamie,
  i'm check the whole drive c:\.  and found only two dllhost.exe at drive c.

  c:\winnt\system32\DLLHOST.EXE             (6 KB)
  c:\winnt\servicepackfiles\i386\dllhost.exe    (6 KB)

  i didn't found anything regarding to dllhost.exe at registry entry.

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    From: Jamie A. Byrnes 
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    Sent: Tuesday, September 02, 2003 11:12 AM
    Subject: [exchangelist] RE: strange dllhost and email

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    Hi Hery,

    I am almost certain you have w32.blaster.d

    check in c:\windows\system32\wins\ as suggested by chris, although you 
can't be sure of which varient of blaster it is so can't be sure where it puts 
it - could try searching whole c: for dllhost.exe. Also check the usual 
run/runonce key in the registry (/HKLM/software/microsoft/current version/run).

    This variant was released only a couple (maybe 3) days ago, update your 
virus defs again or try trend housecall to be sure there is no virus there.

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