RE: strange dllhost and email

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  • Date: Tue, 2 Sep 2003 13:42:06 +0930

Hi Hery,
I am almost certain you have w32.blaster.d
check in c:\windows\system32\wins\ as suggested by chris, although you
can't be sure of which varient of blaster it is so can't be sure where
it puts it - could try searching whole c: for dllhost.exe. Also check
the usual run/runonce key in the registry
(/HKLM/software/microsoft/current version/run).
This variant was released only a couple (maybe 3) days ago, update your
virus defs again or try trend housecall to be sure there is no virus

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        hi Chris,
        the file is located at \winnt\system32.  and the size is 5.76
KB.  i've scan for the virus, but found nothing.  so if this dllhost.exe
is really windows program, i think it safe to run.  nothing to worried.
i also have patch the rpc dcom.
        many thank's for your help.

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                The "normal" DLLHOST.EXE application usually sits in
<SYSTEM DRIVE>:\WINNT\System32 and is roughly 6k.
                The "Infected" DLLHOST.EXE from Nachi et al. is in
<SYSTEM DRIVE>:\WINNT\System32\Wins\ and is about 10k.
                DLLHOST.EXE is used to run COM+ components.
                You may want to check the location and size of your
DLLHOST.EXE file to see if you're infected or not.

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