RE: strange dllhost and email

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  • Date: Tue, 2 Sep 2003 09:00:01 +0700

Messagehi Chris,
the file is located at \winnt\system32.  and the size is 5.76 KB.  i've scan 
for the virus, but found nothing.  so if this dllhost.exe is really windows 
program, i think it safe to run.  nothing to worried.  i also have patch the 
rpc dcom.
many thank's for your help.

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  The "normal" DLLHOST.EXE application usually sits in <SYSTEM 
DRIVE>:\WINNT\System32 and is roughly 6k.

  The "Infected" DLLHOST.EXE from Nachi et al. is in  <SYSTEM 
DRIVE>:\WINNT\System32\Wins\ and is about 10k.

  DLLHOST.EXE is used to run COM+ components.

  You may want to check the location and size of your DLLHOST.EXE file to see 
if you're infected or not.


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