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1) No. Simply install the service pack immediately after the server
install. Note that you may run into "this file is newer"... Prompts.
Just select "keep". Somehow, my memory says that there are about 40 of
them, but that could be completely off base.

2) Slipstreaming of Exchange service packs is not supported. (And I've
tried - I could never get it to work even in testing.)

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Couple of questions on switching from an Exchange Trial Version to the

1) If the trial version is at SP2 level but the full version cd is at
the SP1 
or no SP level, will this cause any problems when I go to do the
reinstall to 
upgrade to the non trial version?

2) If the service pack level is an issue, is there a way to Slipstream
original version to the SP2 level?  I've tried googling, but that only
up with slipstreaming of the OS.
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