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This should not be to difficult.  Setup your Exchange server.  Your
exchange mailboxes can have multiple smtp addresses associated with
them.  Setup two for each mailbox, user@xxxxxxxxxxx and
user@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  Also create a contact for every person
that points to the Sendmail server.  On the mailbox, have all the mail
be delivered to the contact (called an alternate recipient in Exchange).
Users will be able to access the mailbox with Outlook and send mail.
They will not receive any mail on the exchange serer.  It will all be
delivered to the Sendmail machine.  When you are ready to migrate users,
forward the mail from Sendmail to user@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and
remove the alternate recipient.  Once all the users are migrated, change
your MX record to the Exchange server.  

This should allow you to perform the migration with 0 downtime.


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From: Aleksandar Brankovic [mailto:baleksandar@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx] 
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Subject: [exchangelist] sendmail to Exchange 2003 migration

HI all,

So, i have a little interesting feature wich will ocupy me in next days.

I have to  migrate sendmail server with 1800 mailboxes, with averige
mail flow a day to Exchange 2003 server. Major point is that the
must be 0 seconds.

I saw some advices on net but I`m not shure that it works.

Anyone with expirience, or some advice.

Beer on me!(if eweryyhing works)


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