[ExchangeList] room booking site to integrate with exchange 2007

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  • Date: Tue, 05 Oct 2010 12:18:02 -0700

-------------------------------------------------------Have a client with a 
dedicated Exchange 2007 server hosted in a National 
Telco data centre, all staff access exchange via RPC over https.

In each of the 2 offices there are several boardrooms that are used by staff 
and subleasors.  The Subleasors do NOT have any access to the main exchange 
Exchange server.

I am looking for a way to schedule meetings in the boardroom so that the 
free/busy status is accessible to all authorized parties and is accessible 
separately from the Exchange server itself.

Anyone know of a 3rd party service that can intergrate with little to no 
changes on the exchange server.  The SLA's wth the telco preclude installing 
any software they haven't vetted and are explicitly willing to support. I 
only have access to MACD's,. they handle keeping the box running and up to 

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