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This seems to have been a problem with the Directory not being restored
correctly.  We restored the Directory by itself but then that seemed to
cause the information store to became corrupt.  After working with a MS tech
for 4 hours we finally got the DS running and then had to restore the IS
again.  All is okay now but what a pain.  
I wish I had gotten this advice before we did all that... it possibly could
have saved us a lot of time and the $300 for the MS tech.
Oh well.  Guess that's what you get when you're a newbie...
Thanks to all that replied,

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From: James Barr [mailto:Jamesb@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx] 
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In exchange admin highlight your exchange server and click properties.
Goto th advanced tab and click consistency adjuster

Check all the check boxes and say ok to adjust all inconsistencies.

Then go into each mailbox and you will see that the Primary Windows NT
account box is empty. reattach the mailbox to the user account and then you
should be able to get into the mailbox.

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We just restored our information store after our server crashed.  We
finally got the information store service to start after running the
Isinteg -patch.   Everything seemed fine... the problem is, there are no
mailboxes in the Server Recipients container.  Weird thing is that we can
see all the mailboxes listed in the Mailbox Resources?  Obviously, Outlook
can't connect to the server?

Does anyone have any thoughts??


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