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Have them change their passwords in OWA. Or you can consider a 3rd party
alternative, like Dot Net Factory's Password Manager (it's part of their
Empower ID suite), though I have to admit it's not trouble-free.



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This is by design. There is a work around in the article, though I have not
tested this or don't know the full implications of the registry mod.




The client is not logged on to the domain that the password is changed in,
or to a trusted domain. Therefore, the client cannot establish a remote
procedure call (RPC) connection to the Local Security Authority (LSA) to
change the password. 



Client unable to change Windows NT or Windows 2000 password




James Chong (MVP) 

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Good morning,


I am trying to let people from elsewhere (not in the domain but via a secure
tunnel connected to our network) who are working with Outlook and Exchange
2003 server to change their password by setting the flag "user must change
password at next logon", an error-message appears "Your Windows password
could not be changed. To change your password, you must log on to your
organization's network or contact your system administrator".


How can I let people change their own network-password when they are not
logged on to the domain? 











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