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How can I assign a disk quota?

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I'd do this with a home drive.  Create a home folder (d:\home) and give it
perms of Administrators and SYSTEM with full access.  Then create one folder
for each user.  Give it the same name as their username to make any scripts
easier to write.  Give these folders inherited permissions, then add that
user with Full Control.  Now, share each folder, but in the name of the
share, stick a dollar sign ($) at the end of the share name, making it a
hidden share (security by obscurity).  I usually do not change the
permissions of the share since the NTFS perms take care of that.  Also, if a
user wants to give another user access to a part of their home drive, they
can, since they have Full Control.


The other nice thing about this whole process is you can implement Disk
Quotas.  All the files will be "owned" by the users, so it will go against
their quota.


Now, if you wanted everything to be viewable in Outlook 2000 / Exchange,
then I cannot help you.  Sorry.


Matt Walkowiak


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From: Ryan Stewart [mailto:ryan_stewart75@xxxxxxxxxxx] 
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Hello all,

I was asked to create a repository in exchange so people can save a file or
their work to it. This repository should allow any of the 70 users to write
to and access their own work but all other saved files from other employees
should remain hidden.  How do I do this? Public folders? I have no idea!

Thanks in advance. Ryan


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