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If you have the money in your budget, this is what I'd recommend.  It's
fairly easy to sell, based on the high availability.  I implemented this
setup 2 months ago and I can't be any happier.  If you need to reboot
the server, due to an update, or just because, it's no problem.  The
services take about 15 seconds to switch over completely to the other
node.  As Alex said, always make sure you have a good backup solution,
and test it periodically.  That way you know what to do when it hits the
fan.  Just read through the restore tuts on the site and test them.

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        You could do a cluster environment using Active Passive mode.
You would then have a central storage for your database and if server A
of the cluster failed server B would pick up in a minute and a half and
utilize the same storage.  You would have to do quite a migration though
to get to that and it would require enterprise everything to do it.  
        Other than that just make sure you have good back ups.  Then
maybe a hot spare server that you could attach your DB to in case your
server goes.

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        Hi All,


        Not sure whether my mails are getting to the group as I have had
no response at all ??? if I am repeating myself I apologise ...........
mail as sent :


        I am using win2000 server & 2000 exchange server on the same


        My question is :


        Is it possible to replicate the exchange server i.e if my domain
/ exchange server dies the replicating server takes over as though
nothing has happened ? ( we have the domain side of the server doing
this fine but not the exchange side of things ) 


        Many thanks



        Steve Alcock 




        Calderglen Computers Ltd

        Calder House

        Spring Lane



        BB8 9BD <> 

        phone : +44 (0) 1282 871717




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