replicating and moving

  • From: JJ Lindner <jj@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 1 Nov 2002 13:48:31 -0800


I'm configuring a new Exchange server (A) running w2k exchange 5.5.  My old
Exchange server is nt4.0 exchange 5.5 (B) ( this is the production server) .
What would be appropriate steps toward making my new Exchange server
production.   (A) server is primary and (B) server is joined.  Replication
has started but not sure how long it should take.  Moved one mailbox with no
problem just as a test.  How do I go about making Exchange (B) the primary
server?  Both servers (A) and (B) are in the same domain.  Do I do the

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1)      joined server (B) to server (A).

2)      move mailboxes from server (A) to server (B).

3)      Backup DS and IS on server (B) and restore to server (A).

4)      Point all users to new server (A).

5)      Take server (B) off line.



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