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Once you move all mailboxes (and messages) I do not see why you would
repair the old DB. 

First create a full backup of it, then extract all messages with
ExMerge. This way you can be sure nothing will be lost.

After you move everything, dismount the corrupted DB, wait for a week or
a month (no rush here) and, if there are no problems, delete the
corrupted DBs.


You could troubleshoot the move of the Admin's mailbox or you could
extract all messages and, if the move does not work, recreate the new
one in the new DB and import its messages.

You could create a test account and associate the Fax's mailbox with it.
Then move it. Or you could create a new one in the new DB and
reconfigure the fax to use it.

Again, you could extract its messages and import them in the new
mailbox, if there are any.




How to Troubleshoot Mailbox Moves

If you experience problems during the move mailbox process, see the move
mailbox log that is described earlier in this article. 


You can also increase the level of detail that is captured in the
Application log by increasing the logging level. To do this, follow
these steps: 

1.         In Exchange System Manager, right-click the source server,
and then click Properties.

2.         Click Diagnostics Logging.

3.         In the Services list, double-click MSExchangeIS, and then
click System.

4.         In the Categories list, click Move Mailbox.

5.         Under Logging level, click Maximum, and then click OK.










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I am going to be repairing our corrupted mail store this weekend.  I
have created a new store and moved all the mailboxes to that new store
so I can dismount the bad one and fix it.  There are only a couple of
accounts left in the bad store can am not sure how to move them.



The administrator mailbox wont move.  It gives an error in AD users and
computers of


Error: Opening destination mailbox.    (which would be the new store).

The information store could not be opened.  The MAPI provider failed.
Mapi 1.0.   ID no: 8004011d-0289-00000000


Any thoughts?  Is it not possible to move the administrator mailbox?




There are two other mailboxes associated with our fax software, which
dont have any user accounts assigned to them.  I cant figure out how to
move them since they dont show up in AD users and computers, they only
show up in exchange system manager.


I am less concerned about two to fax related system mailboxes than the
error associated with moving the administrator mailbox.




Thanks in advance for any info you can offer.




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