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You will need MX records for both domain A and B. You will need three recipient 
policies. One default policy for @local. Another recipient policy for domain A 
that's going to filter to stamp users that will only get stamped with domain A. 
Another recipient policy for your foreign contacts for Domain B that will get 
forwarded to your smart host. In your recipient policy for Domain B uncheck 
This Exchange Org is responsible for all mail delivery to this address. Then 
create a connector, with an address space for Domain B. Therefore when external 
or internal user emails the contact for domain B, it will get routed out the 
James Chong
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From: exchangelist-bounce@xxxxxxxxxxxxx on behalf of bryan brown
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Subject: [ExchangeList] relay for different domains

-------------------------------------------------------could someone point me 
in the right direction.  i want
to accept mail for domain a on the exchange server and
on the same server mail for domain b forward to a
smart host.

thank you

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