[ExchangeList] problem with email being returned

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I have a server (exchange 2003) that is able to send to 95% of all
recipients. I have looked at the logs and traces for emails sent to some
domains where the message actually gets all the way to the remote email
server and then the remote server generates an NDR and we get the
message back


Here is a snippet


Usually it is - 


Event Type: Warning

Event Source: MSExchangeTransport

Event Category: NDR

Event ID: 3006

Date:  6/22/2006

Time:  11:12:54 PM

User:  N/A

Computer: PHOENIX


A non-delivery report with a status code of 4.4.7 was generated for
recipient rfc822;tommy.goodroe@xxxxxxxxxxx (Message-ID

Cause: Message in queue has expired.  The sending server tried to relay
or deliver the message but the action could not be completed before the
message expired.    

Solution: This message usually indicates a problem on the receiving
server.  Check the validity of recipients address and verify that the
receiving server is configured to receive messages correctly.  Resending
the message will place it again in the queue, if the receiving server is
up, message delivery will succeed.


All of my reverse records seem to be ok


Any ideas/suggestions would be appreciated


Thank you









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And set it for automatic startup.


John T

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Just enable the Service (prior to the Virtual Server).  Works fine, no
issues. MAC and Linux users love imap.


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On 6/22/06, Christine Allen <Christine.Allen@xxxxxxxxx> wrote: 

Running exchange 2003 sp2.  We do not have the imapi protocol running.
We are implementing a CRM that has it's own mail piece that works with
exchange and needs to have imapi running.  

I know it's just starting the virtual server but wanted to make sure
there would be no issues with my exchange environment after starting it.
Has anyone had any issues?  Thanks. 

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