problem with Public Folder

  • From: maya.condomitti@xxxxxxxxx
  • To: exchangelist@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 2 Jun 2005 03:34:18 -0600


I have a strange problem with viewing the content of some public folders
this is not applicable to all of them.

Despite the fact that I have full rights on problematic folder , I can not
open any documents, I get an error saying : "The custom form could not be
opened. Outlook will use and Outlook form instead. You don't have
appropriate permission to perform this operation." , if I click ok , I get
"Can't open this item. You don't have sufficient permission ..."

Those errors message are ~wrong~ as first I have full rights and secondly
no custom form were installed in those folders.
Other information , the folder content display is incorrect like if
Outlook was not able to read the folder content: I see a list of item but
the From , Subject , Size fields are empty , I can see only the document
type and the Received fields.

I can not unfortunatly restore a "correct" public folder version as we
discovered the problem far after the backup retention policy time....

What I tried to do to fix this was :
- force permission from top level folders
- move folders around with new permissions
- restore exchange to a test enviroenemnt
- run defrag, eseutil ....
- run outlook /cleanview
- upgrade to exchange 2003 on test env

No luck with all of this , if anyone can advise me or help, really
appreciated !

Thanks, Maya

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