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HI Richard

thanks for the details.

if i really need to replicate between sites which one is better? the X 400 or site replicator? the advantages /disadvantages.

if you have a better explanation on this is well appreciated.

secondly how do i create different site names in exchange 2000 as it asks only for organisation name not the site name during installation any ideas ? plz coz we are planning to extend our offices .

thanks in advance


lancy saldanha


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>Microsoft supply a POP3 connector for the Small Business version of Exchange
>...otherwise you will still need 3rd party software.
>You may need X.400 or IMS (SMTP) depends on what network infrastructure
>is between your two Exchange sites...more details are required.
>Richard Watkins
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>hi all
>we are on the verge of shifting from exchange 5.5 to exchange 2000.
>we have purchased mailboxes so that our users who are roaming can access
>thier mails. exch 5.5 connects to these mail boxes and downloads mail for
>all the users. hence we use a third party software to download mails.
>since iam new to exch 2000 do i still need to use third party software to
>download mails, or else is there any pop3 connector in exch 2000 where i can
>download mails. i have heard of x400 connectors and IMS can anybody
>differetiate between them. do i have use both to connect in case if we are
>going to deploy exchange between sites
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