Re: pdc emulator & nt 4 as bdc in win2k domain

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  • Date: Wed, 11 Sep 2002 14:54:20 +0200

NT4 CAN be used as a Win2K bdc in an AD domain running in Mixed Mode.
That's what Mixed Mode is there for...
You're right, however, in saying that you can use Exch 5.5 on a Win2K server
(DC or non-DC), but beware of the LDAP ports.

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AOA dear
NT4 can't b configured as a BDC for the win 2000 Bcoz win2000 us LDAP and AD
u can use another 2000 server to work as the backup server for ur domain and
also use that in exchange . if anyb'dy has Objection about my views , plz
reply i'll welcome that

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hi everybody 
i am trying to install winnt 4.0 as a bdc to a win2k domain. has anybody 
worked on it?? any ideas let me know please 
although this is not related to exchange, i would request your help. 
i get 2 errors when i join nt4 as bdc  to win2k domain controller. 
1) there is no computer account 
2) after i created an computer account it gave this account is already 
configured for workstaion or server. 
i would be grateful to you all. i searched the net found nothing.. 
any ideas on pdc emulator... 
thanks in advance 

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